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wood polish duo (354ml) x2

put your best wood forward

as with most natural beauties, it only takes a little upkeep to keep your wood at its best. our wood for good® polish safely conditions+revitalizes your favorite tree-based possessions. the non-toxic, plant-based formula even provides a protective shine. you might call it your knight in almond-scented armor. wood polish x2 duo pack (2 for $10)


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ingredient what it is health + environmental summary
purified water solvent non–toxic; safe in environment; widely available
glycerin moisturizer non toxic for people and no skin irritation; readily biodegradable; derived from plant sources
PEG 400 dioleate polishing and shining agent non toxic and not irritating to skin; inherently biodegradable and not toxic in the environment; derived from oleic acid found in plant oils
oleic acid surface conditioner non toxic for people, not irritating to skin; readily biodegradable; omege fatty acid present in plant oils
dimethicone polishing agent non toxic if ingested, very low skin irritation potential; degrades by hydrolysis in the environment; made from sand and synthetic materials
acrylate polymer thickener non toxic if ingested, not irritating to skin or eyes; low biodegradation but not accumulative or toxic in the environment; made from synthetic materials
quaternium-15 stop bacterial growth safe for people (low skin + eye irritation); not accumulative in environment; made from synthetic materials
fragrance oil blend fragrance free of phthalates, NPEs and other dirty ingredients; non toxic in use, free of carcinogens and tested for skin irritation and allergies; blended composition is partly essential oils and partly synthetic ingredients
  • almond

    rich. nutty. good with chocolate. if these were clues in a game show, you'd guess almond. and you would be right. of course, the answer could also be macadamia. or willy wonka

the naked truth

All of method's ingredients are comprehensively assessed by a leading research firm to ensure their safety for people and the environment. above is a summary of the assessment work. please email us, if you would like more detail on an ingredient or visit to read more about the assessment process.